Welcome to Manthana
The Sanskrit term “MANTHANA” depicts the exploration of the ancient system of Ayurveda during a very important episode “Samudra Manthana” . The description ages back to the pages of mythology where a fretful battle for victory was fought between Devas and Danavas resulting in the incarnation of Lord Dhanvatari.
Manthana is the centre of holistic treatment started with a noble intention to provide medical service and presence the ancient wisdom of india-Ayurveda. The centre combines “PANCHAKARMA”.A unique therapy of Ayurveda with Homeopathy & Yoga along with few of the specific therapies of naturopathy.Manthana is a holistic centre to help the public with all the ancient & modern concept to prevent/cure the chonic and acute ailments.
Manthana has unique panchakarma section with the required amenities & a team of professionally qualified physicians.Panchakarma is proved to be one of the best therapics of cleanse and rejuvenate the facilities of endogenic systems of the body.In this treatment we present the most potential,safe classicial remedies of Ayurveda experimented since centuries. Ayurveda/Homeopathy sections of our centre with yoga gives complete,safe & secure treatment and prevents the aging process.

Suvarnaprasha drops are given to children (0-16yrs) on friday 20th july CONTACT: 080-25619081 Mob-9482507972
Special Homeopathy and Ayurveda consultation
Full time Panchakarma centre
Health & Rejuvenation centre
Obesity management & Diet planning
Special treatment for chronic skin disorders
Menorrhagia and infertility
I was suffering from excessive bleeding during menses, I had taken lot of hormonal treatment but everything was in vain, Also being married for 3 years, I had the urge to conceive and was trying for conception as well. I come to know about Manthana holistic centre through one of my relatives. I started with Homeopathy treatment in September 2010. I was very happy since in the first month only I got in my menstrual problems, the doctor started medicines for infertility as well along with the above medicines. I conceived in November 2010 and am very contorted to be blessed by the gift of motherhood. Thanks to the efforts of the doctors at Manthana and their attitude of personal care towards each patient.
Manish Kaur
Bangalore  karnataka
Complete cure for Respiratory infection
My 8years old daughter was suffering from severe cold & cough all throughout the Winter & rainy season. She had profuse, whitish color phlegm and fever and difficulty in breathing, she had a history of pulmonary tuberculosis when she was three years old, since then her immunity had decreased. I being her mother use to always feel bad seeing his plight, Then one day I came to know about Manthana holistic centre After starting Homeopathy treatment my daughter showed a lot of improvement. Within two weeks of treatment her chest congestion, fever, cold and cough reduced. Her appetite improved and repeated attacks of cough & fever almost disappeared after 2 months of treatment. Now she is completely feeling active and healthy, her immunity which was earlier suppressed due to higher antibiotics and anti biocular drugs, she has improved by Homeopathy medicines.0000000 I am Very Happy for my child, Thanks to Manthana.
Bangalore  karnataka
Complete cure from Rheumatoid arthritis
I had severe pain & stiffness in my wrist joint knee & ankle joint with deformity in the joints of right hand, life had become miserable as I could not do my normal day to day activities also. I suffered from worst form of rheumatoid arthritis for two years. Then i got to know about Manthana. I took Ayurveda medicines & panchakarma treatment from Manthana for around six months. I could initially start walking without much effort and do all regular activities without miserable pain, steroids and antibiotics had weakened my body but now I am completely satisfied and happy to do my day to day routine activities, Thanks to Ayurveda and Manthana holistic centre
Bangalore  karnataka
Cure of vitiligo and dermatitis
I had white patches on face, chest and lips for 3months with lot of itching. It use to get aggravated after exposure to sunrays. I took treatment of Ayurvedic panchakarma & medicines from Manthana for 3 Months to my surprise I got completely normal pigmentation on my face, lips & chest. Now I confidently go to social functions and am very happy about the glow in my skin and face, Thanks
Bangalore  karnataka
Remedy for Allergic Dermatitis
My 12years old son was suffering from skin disease with patches on the hands, abdomen and face, The skin looked darkened & there was lot of itching and pus like discharge, for 2 years we went from doctor to doctor till everything, from higher antibiotics to steroids had been given to him, his condition was worsening and due to excess itching & pus discharge he could not open his eyes the upper eyelids were also infected, He had to discontinue school and he become highly irritable. Then we finally decided to look out for alternative therapy. Fortunately we came to know about Manthana holistic centre, the Homeopathy doctor at Manthana started his treatment in Sep2010. By the end of Sep his symptoms had started decreasing and he could open his eyes. Itching had reduced considerably. Within 3 months of complete course my son was able to overcome his itching & pus discharge and could do his day to day activities normally. Although the doctor advised us to continue the medicine for few months for prevention purpose, Thanks to Manthana that my son is now free from severe sufferings due to skin disease.
Bangalore  karnataka